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Environmental Protection

Reduce the environmental impact of our operations and increase our energy conservation and other environmental protection efforts.

As part of our effort to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and promoting environmental sustainability. We intend to increase our efforts to expand our business with minimal environmental impact going forward by designing and developing our projects based on long-term energy savings and efficiencies. In particular, we plan to increase the use of clean and renewable energy and reduce our carbon footprint by installing solar panel on top of our logistics facilities. We believe that our environmental protection efforts will increase the competitiveness of our properties as global environmental awareness grows and as more consumers begin to realize the benefits of energy-efficient homes and buildings.

Keen to public welfare,
to be a responsible enterprise

The idea of "treating others with virtue"

All these stems from the company's cultural heritage. Moreover, it is demonstrated through various endeavors made by CNLP in improving public welfare that honors corporate social responsibility.

Since the founding of the group's original company in late 1990s,CNLP has been taken the lead in corporate social responsibility.The company has devoted itself to reward society and live up to the honor bestowed by varying levels of government on CNLP as an "Enterprise with Love" Company.