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“New start, new leap and new brilliance”- Group’s 2020 working meeting successfully held


On January 18, 2020, the group's 2020 working meeting was successfully held in Shanghai Hongqiao Headquarter. Mr. Wu Guolin, chief operating officer of China Logistics Property Holdings (CNLP) delivered the work report of the year in 2019 on behalf of the group, and Mr. Li Shifa, chairman of the board delivered an important speech. Group management, functional departments and the regional managers of the headquarter, as well as some staff representatives attended the meeting.

In his report, Mr. Wu Guolin, chief operating officer, comprehensively summarized and reviewed the work of the Group in 2019, analyzed the current macroeconomic situation and the internal and external environment which would encountered by the group during development, further clarified the work plan and requirements for 2020, and mobilized and encouraged all staff to continue their efforts to achieve the various work objectives for 2020.

Mr. Li Shifa, chairman of the board of directors, delivered an important speech on the theme of “new start, new leap and new brilliance”. He pointed out that in 2019, in the face of complex external environment and economic situation, the company  maintained a good development momentum overall, the strategic deployment of “deepening reform, innovative development, transformation and upgrading ” was practically promoted. With the continuous improvement of corporate governance structure, the continuous improvement of team ability and more stepping up of management level, the company went uphill hard in development. He stressed that in 2020, Yupei will greet the important milestone of its 20th anniversary, so the whole group should have firm confidence, seek improvement in stability, continuously promote business transformation and upgrading with a strong strategic focus, so as to continuously improve the operation quality, create value for shareholders, build a platform for employees and lay a solid foundation for the development of the next decade and two decades.

During the meeting, chairman Li Shifa, on behalf of the board of directors and group management, signed the 2020 annual management responsibility statement, and the 2019 annual commendation ceremony for outstanding employees, outstanding managers and outstanding teams were also held.