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Apart from providing standardized logistics warehouses for the customers, we can provide the following value-added services for the customers with our professional knowledge:


We manage the construction works at our logistics park projects through our constructionmanagement department. Our construction management department review the keyparameters forour project construction process, set the evaluation criteria and lay out themain responsibilities ofthe project companies. At the same time, centralized procurementand supply scope, deliverystandards, construction standards and quality controlspecifications will also be set forth by ourconstruction management department. Ourconstruction management department also oversees theday-to-day construction process oftheir respective projects.

Leasing Consulting (400-855-7009)

We deliver integrated value-added solutions to our tenants and have awell-recognized brand; and we are led by a seasoned professional management team withremarkable stability.

Property Management

We station property manager at each of our logistics parks to collect and respond tofeedbackfrom our tenants. we engage reputable third-parties service providers for propertymaintenance works on our logistics parks, including regular cleaning, repairing and security.